The Release 無量

One day,
we will all upload our consciousness to the cloud
and abandon physical bodies.....

We live as virtual beings, and we all die physically. What object/thing shall we bring together with us? What is considered monumental in the material world? What are our sacred offerings to the virtual world and future life?


The Release無量 is a art project inspired by human traditions regarding death. Whether the human spirit is attached to the material world is the main concept of this project. In many cultures, people bury or burn their favorite objects such as treasure, photos, books, clothes with their bodies after they pass away. Where the souls go or whether they rely on material matters in their next journey is unknown, we still consider funerary objects and offerings to the dead indispensable.

Spiritually, sacred offerings serve as tickets to a new paradise or remind those deceased to remember their roots and legacy. For those souls who wander in our place rather than enter the spiritual realm, we sometimes burn papercrafts like paper money, paper-made iPhones, which might relieve those lost souls.

A ceremony held for redeeming souls from regrets and reliving those alive's sorrows will also be hosted by priests/priestesses, who will unite people and guide them to pray for good together. After the ceremony, souls are considered to be released finally from pain and suffers, physically and mentally.


人類的精神是否依附於物質生活,是本作品探討的目標。至今我仍然會感到疑惑,如果我們將要意識上傳,作為純粹虛擬如同程式碼的存在,為什麼有人還會想要攜帶物質一起前往虛擬世界呢? 我理想中的虛擬世界,是無邊無量的,連同感官和氣味都能被模擬出來的,是一個開闊的場域,等待我盡情遨遊探索,然而對於許多人而言,意識上傳就如同死亡一樣,是既新奇卻又讓人感到恐懼的。死後的自己會剩下什麼,還能保有多少的自我? 那些愛恨情仇會消失嗎? 因此,有人選擇攜帶家人的照片、有人選擇攜帶自己的寵物,有人選擇攜帶能代表緣分和回憶的物件。如同死後需要陪葬品一般,在最後的旅途時,能夠帶給我們慰藉的,到底是甚麼? 能夠安心讓人前往新的世界的,到底是什麼?

Participate 集體祈禱

I invited people to reflect on their lives and bring sacred offerings to the virtual world. They also make a wish, pray for their future virtual version selves. Their offerings to the virtual world are being transformed into 3D files and remixed into a brainwave generative art. please check the exhibition schedule here.

我邀請人們反思它們的生活,並把它們的祭品帶到虛擬世界。它們為自己許願,未來的虛擬版自我祈禱。它們提供的祭品在我的作品中被轉換成3D檔案,並重新混合成為腦電波生成藝術展出。  請點擊這裡查看展覽時間。

LIVE Prays祈禱跑馬燈 ●

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→ List of Dedicators奉獻者名單 & Collective Poem祝禱文

Please fill the following form if you would like to participate in this project and contribute your sacred offerings, or just pray for a better virtual life. It doesn't have to be a real or physical object. Your offering can be a book, a family photo, a concept about universe, a language, a smell, a unicorn, ...etc. After the exhibition, dedicators will have chance to get a NFT certificate contains their offerings and prays. NFTs will be released on hic etnunc(Tezos Blockchain). Please contact the artist for seting up a crypto wallet.

請填寫以下表格參與本計畫,或是加入祈禱跑馬燈。你想要帶進虛擬世界的物品並不需要是一個真實的或實體的東西。你可以攜帶一本書、提供一張全家福、一種關於宇宙的概念、一門語言、氣味、甚至是一隻獨角獸等等。展覽結束後,奉獻者將有機會獲得NFT藝術品,在這之中封存了他們貢獻的物品以及祈禱語。 NFT將於4月26日至4月30日發布至 hic et nunc (使用Tezos區塊鏈智慧合約),請聯絡藝術家本人如果你對於NFT藝術品有興趣並想了解相關收藏事宜。


Exhibition & Ceremony 線上展覽及live表演

I. Pre-exhibition前導展覽: Wuji無極

👁‍🗨 View exhibition on computer for better quality. 請在電腦上觀看。

Visit Wuji無極

II. The Release無量

April 19 ~ April 30 at New Art City (Online)

👁‍🗨 View exhibition on computer for better quality. 請在電腦上觀看。

Visit The Release無量

Live Ceremony Schedule 表演時間表(PDT / GMT-7)

April 22 (Thu), 9pm 04/22/2021 09:00 PM 04/22/2021 09:30 PM America/Los_Angeles The Release Live Ceremony by uglykiki Live link:
April 23 (Fri), 9pm 04/23/2021 09:00 PM 04/23/2021 09:30 PM America/Los_Angeles The Release Live Ceremony by uglykiki Live link:

You can also watch pre-record versions on my Youtube Channel


Or book a private tour 預約私人導覽


Meet The Artist

Kiki Wu aka uglykiki  is an artist, an earthwoman, and a visual shaman who channels humanity through XR, generative art, glitch art, and video art. Inspired by the metaphysical relationship to her family's memory from Taiwan, she has been investigating the transformation of cultural symbols across dimensions from physical space, virtual realm to psychological matters since 2017.

新媒體藝術家,作品涉及XR及錄像藝術,探討東方神話、科技女性主義、以及賽博格理論。 芒果飯信徒🥭

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